NIna Zdanovic_ Uzupis Art Incubator

About me

Nina Zdanovic, a graduate of Vilnius University Oriental Studies Center, is living and working in Tokyo, Japan. She interprets her artwork, constructed from old photographs, memories and imagination, using traditional Japanese materials and acrylic paint. The properties of Japanese mineral pigments are helpful in communicating the subjective, feelings-based aspect of the reality. Talking about her painting style, the painter herself often describes it as “magical realism, but in painting.”

Artist statement

For the past few years, I have been interested in exploring memories and identities, and it can be traced in my paintings. The interest originally arose as a way to rearrange my memories and emotions, that got scattered around when I moved across the globe. In my paintings, I often refer to situations that have happened to me, places that I have visited, or people that I have met. Real stories often merge with similar memories and the emotions I associate with them. People in my paintings are depicted in the same way as in distant memories or dreams: they are an important part of the story, yet the details, such as their faces or gender are blurried.  Most of my paintings are like a snapshot of a lucid dream: some things are real, some things are not, and it’s not possible anymore to tell them apart. I feel like even the most simple daily moments will become a nostalgic ‘era’ of our lives. It is up to us to appreciate the beauty of it now, before it becomes a memory.

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