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Nina Zdanovic solo exhibition "Vilnius in Japanese colors"

Skaityti lietuviškai

September 4-18 Nina Zdanovic’s solo art show will be held in the project space
Galera (Užupio Str. 2A) in Užupis Art Incubator.

Vilnius in Japanese colors

This event is organized by the Asian Arts Center in Vilnius, as a part of the cycle "Lithuania in Asia - Asia in Lithuania".

The exhibition consists of a series of paintings by Nina Zdanovic, who lives and works in Tokyo. In her artwork, she is using Japanese traditional technique NIHONGA (日本画). NIHONGA pigments are made from natural components: minerals, sand, shells, semi-precious gemstones.

Opening reception: September 4th, 6pm

The works at the exhibition explore the theme of memories about Vilnius, and the emotions associated with it. As a resident of Japan, for N. Zdanovic these works are like wandering through memory and hometown. Rich color compositions capture the beauty of ordinary everyday moments.

The charm of everyday life, the fusion of imagination and memories have already been a point of discussion at the first personal exhibition of N. Zdanovic in Tokyo. At the Memory is a Mirror exhibition, the artist focused on family relationships, childhood emotions and memories.

The highlight of the current exhibition Vilnius in Japanese Colors is the relationship between N. Zdanovic and her native Vilnius.

Asian Arts Center project “Lithuania in Asia, Asia in Lithuania”

“Lithuania in Asia - Asia in Lithuania” is a series of lectures, talks and workshops, where the audience will be introduced and immersed in direct contact with artists whose inseparable segment of the creative path is Asian culture.

During the events, several key questions will be raised - how does Asian culture reflect in the consciousness of Lithuanian creators and how does it help develop the artist's identity? What does it mean to be inspired by an alien culture?

Efforts will be made to go beyond conversations and allow the viewer to look at traditional Asian art of different genres through the eyes of Lithuanian creators.

Event facebook page: Ninos Ždanovic paroda “Vilnius japoniškomis spalvomis”